10 Reasons How You Know It’s Time To Replace Old Windows

10 Reasons How You Know It's Time To Replace Old Windows

This guide will help to determine when it is time to upgrade your homes windows.

These are the signs that it’s time to replace your windows and doors:

High Energy Bills

It makes perfect sense that energy bills will rise if your doors and windows are not performing as well as they should. Heating and cooling outside is wasteful, even if you have the money. Ask your neighbors about their electricity and fuel bills if you aren’t sure. Their bills should be approximately the same if their house and family are similar in size. Be clear about why you are asking or it might get relegated to the busybody in the neighborhood. Ghostly Curtains

A drafty window could be responsible for your curtains moving even though they are closed. Windows can become vulnerable to this for a few reasons. The window’s sealant may have worn out, or the window was installed incorrectly. In this case, the draft is coming from the space between the window frame and the wall. You should probably consider new windows from Optimal Windows rather than re-sealing to ensure that your windows are properly insulated and have up to date U-Factor technology.

You Can See The Light

If the views are not being seen between the door panel and the jamb, beautiful views of the outside can be great. There should be no light visible around the perimeter of your panel. If you see light around the perimeter of your door panel, it is likely that your door is out of alignment. Inadequately sealed doors can also lead to water infiltration. This can cause mold and rot.

Foggy Glass

Glass manufacturers fill the space between two panes of glass with an inert gas such as argon to improve insulation. The seal that holds the gas in place eventually breaks and the gas escapes. At this point, the glass surfaces in their middle are susceptible to condensation. When that condensation dries it can leave behind a sticky, foggy film that is difficult to remove. A broken seal can not only obscure your view but also negatively impact the window’s performance.

Musty Smells

Badly installed or poorly functioning windows and doors can make it difficult to keep water out of a house. Mold can grow in areas where water is present, which can pose a serious health risk, particularly for people with allergies. Sometimes, you may be able to see the mold growing in your walls. A professional window and patio door specialist at Optimal Windows can assess the situation using tools such as moisture meters or infrared cameras and tell you if your doors and windows are contributing to the problem.

They Won’t Move

To open your bedroom single-hung windows or sliding patio doors, do you need a crowbar? If so, you are ready to get new windows and doors from Optimal Windows. It can be very dangerous to have a stubborn door or window. A stuck window or door can make the difference between safety and disaster in an emergency situation such as a fire, flood, or other crisis.

Bugs and Critters

Unwelcome pests are just like teenagers. They’re always looking for shelter and food, and will not wait to be invited into your home. The weakest parts of your home are where bugs and critters love to attack. This includes gaps in caulking and missing gaskets. Modern insulation methods and new windows and doors do a better job at keeping pests away from your home.

You Can Yell a Lot

Perhaps you have heard it in the news. The world is home to more people than ever before. You’ve probably heard about how your once quiet boulevard has turned into a busy thoroughfare. You may even be hearing a delivery truck rumble by right now. Sometime even three panes of glass can be used to replace windows or doors. Special laminations are also available to help keep outside noises at bay.

They Are Really Old

There’s a good possibility that your windows and doors were painted with lead-based paint if they were installed before 1978. Lead paint can be extremely toxic if ingested. Children are especially at risk. You should have your windows and doors tested for lead paint and create an abatement plan.

Your Windows and Doors Are Just Plain Ugly

Beauty is found in the small details. You might need to upgrade your windows and doors if you aren’t seeing the beauty in them. Burris Windows and Patio Doors are made with precision craftsmanship. Burris Windows and patio doors are designed with thought-provoking design and industry-leading performance. These features, which were inspired by people’s lives, bring luxury, comfort, security, and style into every room.

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